I’m not happy and I never will be!


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Fuck respect, I’d rather hang myself on the wall with a noose on neck.

LOL JK, I’d shoot myself not hang myself lol ; ) <3 Brains all over the place, plus it’s quicker.

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What could make me smile?
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without my medicine. 

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I wish I could just be happy

why can’t it be that easy? I don’t know why I’ve been feeling so shitty lately. I never get into arguments, but I did and it made me feel worse. I don’t even have my medicine. And hardly anyone acts like they care about me, and when they do, I just fuck it up and mess things up. Everyone keeps telling me different things and sometimes they say they’re trying to help, but I don’t even know who to listen to. I’m so tired of everything, I don’t even like being awake anymore. I try to keep myself from being alone but the people I’m around hardly seem like they care. I’m afraid of being alone, but I’d rather be alone. I just want to be happy, but I never get to be happy. and I always end up like this, I always end up so whiny and pissed and depressed and mad at myself. I just wish everything would just stop

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A life that’s fill with crap, and a finger filled with hate
And a gat that’s filled with love now let opposites attract
I can finally be one like a marriage in a church
But this marriage has a hearse and the parents of the one
That’s getting married has a curse and it’s made up inside of him
Too late to reimburse but, wait it gets worse
All the guests that’s in the church, all decided to disperse
So there was nobody who could stop the wedding with converse
So they tied the knot, now it’s too late to reverse
This arrangement and the nurse is amazed at the hurt
That he was painting but it was obvious in all the photos
He was paining, now a bunch of whispering immerse
And then the nurse blurts ‘What the fuck is his problem, here, we have two doses to give him here’
Why didn’t anybody ask him first?
Because nobody gave a fuck Tyler, the Creator
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I think it’s best

if I’m just felt alone

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I want to be happy

but I never even act like it

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